How to Choose the Best-Sized Golf Clubs for Beginners

by Andrew Smith
    Have a professional help take measurements to find the right set for you.

    Have a professional help take measurements to find the right set for you.

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    Purchasing your first set of golf clubs can be a big moment for any golfer. If you've rented clubs or borrowed a set from a friend before, you shouldn't simply buy the same size of clubs. Owning the best-sized golf clubs for you will help you remain comfortable on the course. Playing with clubs that are too large or too small for you, however, could harm both your long and short golf game and even cause an injury.

    Items you will need

    • Measuring stick/measuring tape
    • Partner

    Step 1

    Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and your hands at your sides.

    Step 2

    Bend your non-writing wrist (left wrist if you're right handed) up. When you do so, a crease will appear where your wrist and your hand meets. This is where your partner should begin measuring.

    Step 3

    Place your hand back at your side with your fingers pointing down.

    Step 4

    Measure from the crease mentioned in Step 2 straight down to the floor. The person measuring you may wish to measure at least twice to ensure he measured correctly. Be sure to write this measurement down.

    Step 5

    Find the two golf club length charts to choose the best-sized golf clubs for you. One chart will let you know the recommended length of each club in your bag based upon your height. The second chart will help you make adjustments to the lengths of those clubs based on the measurement you wrote down in Step 4. These charts are located in pro shops as well as online (see Resources).


    • You must also know your height in order to choose the best-sized golf clubs for you. Have your partner measure you if you are unsure of your height.
    • Be sure to examine the recommended club lengths for each club in your bag. The recommended length for a 3 wood, for example, will be much different than the length of an 8 iron.
    • Remember that the numbers on the chart are just recommendations. It's wise to practice with the recommended club lengths in order to make sure you are comfortable with those clubs. You might find that you prefer using clubs that are half an inch shorter than the recommended lengths.



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