Choosing Golf Clubs

    Forecaddie vs. Walking Caddie

    Forecaddie vs. Walking Caddie

    Walking caddies -- typically known simply as caddies -- and forecaddies are workers who assist golfers in various ways. While the term “caddie” has one accepted meaning in the world of golf, “forecaddie” may carry two different interpretations, depending on the situation in which a forecaddie is employed. In one case, a forecaddie performs a similar task to a caddie, while under a second scenario the jobs are very different, with only a slight overlap.

    How to Use a TaylorMade Trajectory Wheel

    How to Use a TaylorMade Trajectory Wheel

    Select TaylorMade drivers include movable weights that golfers can place in different configurations within the clubhead. Altering a clubhead’s weight isn’t a new concept. For many years, some golfers placed lead tape on strategic parts of their clubheads to improve their shots. Tape on the clubhead’s heel -- the area near the shaft -- lets the outer portion of the clubhead move quicker during the downswing, thereby reducing a slice or promoting a draw. Tape on the far side, or toe, of the clubhead has the opposite effect. Movable weights work on the same principle. To reduce a slice a golfer can now screw heavier weights into ports on the heel side of the club, while leaving lighter weights on the toe side.

    How to Choose Golf Irons

    How to Choose Golf Irons

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to buy expensive irons that are wrong for your game and swing. The right set will fit your game and swing as snugly as a bespoke suit. Choosing the best irons depends on a number of factors other than just your playing ability. The size, shape, flex, material and feel of the clubs are key elements to consider. Price also is a serious consideration.

    How to Select Junior Golf Clubs

    How to Select Junior Golf Clubs

    Golf is an enjoyable game for people of all ages and skill levels, but only if you have the right equipment. Children need their own sets of clubs scaled to their size. You wouldn't expect an adult to take clubs that are too long and cut them down, so don't expect your child to learn to play with cut-down clubs either. Using the proper clubs from the outset can help a child avoid learning bad habits.

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    How to Make the Perfect Chip Shot

    In an 18-hole round of golf, you'll likely have multiple opportunities to hit a chip shot. A chip shot is a low, running shot played from just off the green. You can chip with different clubs to make the ball roll more, or less, once it hits the green. To perfect your chip shot, learn to select the right club and execute the proper technique. Regardless of your golfing ability, learning to perfect your chip shot can help lower your score.

    How Is the Ryder Cup Captain Chosen?

    The Ryder Cup is a professional match-play competition held every two years between a U.S. team and a European team. The event dates to 1927, when Samuel A. Ryder commissioned a trophy that he gave to the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland to symbolize the winner of a competition between British and U.S. golf teams. In 1979, the British team was expanded to include players from all of Europe, and the match has been much more competitive since that change.

    How to Improve Handicap by 10 Strokes

    Lowering your handicap by 10 strokes is an accomplishment that can take years to achieve. If you're new to golf but find yourself improving quickly, you'll likely be able to lower your scores easier than someone who has played at the same level for several years. Lowering your handicap is about more than excelling at one aspect of the game; lower scores require an overall improvement.

    How to Secure Golf Club Covers

    If you've played golf for a long period of time, it's more than likely that you've lost a club cover at some point. When not properly secured, it's easy for a cover to fall off a club as you're driving in a cart or walking the course. By the time you notice it's missing, you might already have played several holes. Some club covers are designed to fit tightly on clubheads, while others do not fit as snugly.

    What Do the Numbers on Golf Clubs Mean?

    Most golf clubs are stamped with a number as a means of identification. Although experienced golfers are often able to differentiate between their clubs simply by viewing their size, shape and loft of their clubface, the number helps make this distinction certain. For beginner golfers, having the number is helpful.

    How to Explain the Parts of a Golf Club

    When teaching golf to someone who wishes to learn the game, it's important to give him a complete understanding of the sport's equipment. In golf, the golf club is central to every player's list of equipment. Although golf clubs differ significantly in style, function and brand, a number of common attributes make up every club. Even if you aren't an accomplished player, you should have no trouble explaining the parts of a club to a beginner.

    Ryder Cup Points List

    The Ryder Cup formally began in 1927 with a match between American and British professionals at Worcester (Mass.) Country Club. A year earlier, after an informal match in Britain between the American and British, seed merchant Samuel Ryder had agreed to provide a cup for the competition. Except during World War II, when the event was cancelled, the Ryder Cup was played in odd-numbered years until 2001, when the Sept. 11 terror attacks on New York City's Twin Towers forced a postponement. Since 2002, it has been played in even-numbered years.

    What to Do With Old Golf Clubs

    Over time, it's common for most golfers to upgrade their equipment. When you purchase a new driver, a set of irons or a putter, it makes your old equipment somewhat obsolete. You don't, however, have to leave your old clubs in your garage gathering dust or put them in the garbage.

    Information About Golf Clubs

    Understanding the various clubs used by golfers is important to anyone being introduced to the sport. Looking at the variety of products in stores and in each golfer's bag can be overwhelming if you don't understand one club from another. By learning about the different clubs and their uses, it helps you understand what clubs to add to your bag.

    How to Teach a Beginner to Swing a Golf Club

    Although the best way to learn golf is to take lessons from a PGA professional, some beginners prefer to have a parent or friend teach them the basic fundamentals of the game. Responsibility comes with teaching golf, because if the student does not have a pleasant experience with the lessons, there is a possibility he will give up on learning the game and miss out on potentially many years of fun.

    How to Spot a Fake Odyssey Putter

    When you are planning to purchase a new Odyssey putter, you're likely occupied with deciding which model you wish to buy. Despite your excitement, always have a discerning eye to ensure that the product you buy isn't fake. Fake golf clubs are common on the secondary market but often include telltale signs that something's amiss.

    How to Prevent Golf Clubs From Rusting

    Keeping your golf clubs from rusting extends their life so you can use them as long as you desire. The process is simple, provided that you pay close attention to their condition throughout not only the playing season, but the entire year. Rust is more likely to appear because of neglect and in damp climates.

    How to Find Lost Golf Clubs

    Losing a set of golf clubs or even one club is disheartening. Not only is the loss financial in nature, but also many people have special attachments to their clubs. If your golf clubs are genuinely lost, you likely have a better chance of finding them than if they were stolen.

    How to Clean Ping Irons

    If you've spent a considerable amount of money investing in a set of Ping irons to play golf, you likely want to ensure that you keep the clubs in the best shape possible. Cleaning golf clubs offers more than aesthetic benefits; when the clubfaces are clean, they make better contact with the ball. Clean your irons at minimum once a season, but if you play frequently, consider monthly cleanings.

    How to Register Callaway Golf Clubs

    Although your first instinct upon buying a new set of Callaway golf clubs might be to race to a course or driving range to test them out, it's always important to register them soon after purchase. Not only does registering the clubs qualify you for any eventual warranty claims, but also it's an effective way for Callaway to contact you with product information if you wish.

    Pros of Using Callaway Drivers

    Callaway has grown from a hickory stick golf equipment company with products sold from founder Eli Callaway's trunk to one of the leading brands in golf. The company revolutionized woods with the Big Bertha and hasn't looked back, releasing some of the most progressive designs in the marketplace. Callaway's Hyperbolic Face Cup, S2SH forgiveness and Fusion Technology designs have helped establish the company as a popular choice among professional and amateur golfers.

    The History of Golf Putters

    Golfers throughout history have had a love/hate relationship with their putters. They love the putter when they sink a monster 50-foot putt, but they view it in a less favorable light when they miss a simple-looking 3-footer for par. Golfers are forever experimenting with different putters to find the one that feels absolutely perfect and gives them more confidence on the greens.

    Selecting Golf Clubs

    Learning which clubs to use is a vital part of becoming a successful golfer. Most beginners have trouble deciding which club to use and when to use it. Experienced golfers seem to know without any trouble when to use a 3-wood and when to use a 5-iron, but beginners don't have a clue. If you learn which clubs you hit from 200, 150, 100 and 50 yards, you'll have a starting point for club selection.

    Men's Golf Clubs vs. Women's Golf Clubs

    Both men and women golfers are looking for consistent swings that create solid contact with the ball. But men and women have different body types and mechanics and require different kinds of clubs to accomplish the same goal. Just as golfers have a variety of clubs for many different kinds of shots, men and women have very different club styles and designs to help each play their best.

    Golf Tips and Instructions: Long Irons and Short Irons

    Scoring well in golf requires you to progressively narrow your focus as you move from the tee to the green. With a driver, your objective is to get the ball in the fairway, which is usually a fairly wide target. Long irons help you cover significant distance and achieve accuracy--placing the ball on or near the green. Your goal with short irons is precision--consistently getting the ball close to the flagstick.

    How to Find the Perfect Golf Clubs for You

    You have a unique opportunity to buy clubs that are a good match for your game, but don't overlook the obvious fact that you must have confidence in those clubs to do their job. Many golfers try to impress their fellow golfers with expensive, top-of-the-line clubs that are not suitable to the way they play. Do your homework before you buy, and that will translate to your heightened interest in the game and lower scores.

    Ping Putter Guide

    The current crop of Ping putters (2009) features six different lines each with a variety of unique features that should appeal to different golfers and putting styles. Nearly all are made in some of the more popular and even classic Ping styles while a few, the iN series in particular, feature more unusual or even experimental shapes. All of the Ping models feature the famous heel-toe weighting system developed by Ping founder Karsten Solheim in 1959. Prices range from about $100 to $200.

    How to Buy Junior Golf Clubs

    Golf is a game for all ages. When your youngster has demonstrated an interest in the game and wants to play, give her the opportunity to play with her own clubs. You'll need to find clubs that are the right weight and length at a price you can afford. Buy clubs at the beginning of the season so your child can get a full season out of properly fit clubs.

    Recommended Golf Club Sets for Beginners

    The basic clubs that make up a set of golf clubs include woods, irons, wedges and a putter. Hybrids have become popular with beginning golfers since they are so easy to hit. Follow guidelines that explain the features of golf clubs to decide what kind of clubs to buy to give you the accuracy, consistency and distance you desire.

    What is the History of the Golf Club?

    With the remarkable technology that goes into golf clubs today, it’s easy to forget the humble origin of the golf club nearly 600 years ago in Scotland. After hundreds of years of club makers’ combining ingenuity and passion for golf, we're at a point where golfers know that if they make a proper swing they will be rewarded with a favorable result.

    Golf Equipment--What New Golfers Should Know

    Beginning golfers should understand that the price of clubs does not indicate how good a fit they will be for a particular individual. It is a good idea to consult with a teaching professional who can watch your swing and your stature, and make some recommendations. Before investing in a set of clubs, new golfers should try out several clubs and learn the differences between them.

    Pitching Wedge Technique

    The pitching wedge is used to get you out of trouble, sink the shot to win the hole, or set you up for the winning putt within a couple of feet of the hole. To be effective at using your pitching wedge, you need to not only practice with it, but also understand how to use it.

    How to Make Golf Clubs Shine

    With your golf clubs striking the dirt and raising the grass on nearly every shot on the course, it can be difficult to restore them to their original shine. You should keep your clubs clean on the course and off of the course, cleaning them after every round. Shining golf clubs will not only look better but will allow the ball to come off of the club more cleanly and with more accuracy.

    How to Swing a Long Iron

    There are three essential parts to any complete golf game. If you can bomb it off the tee and play sharp around the green, you have two of the three essentials licked. Long irons, on the other hand, are often approached with trepidation. The small club face and delofted status can make long irons rather temperamental and unpredictable. But, there are some basic steps you can take that will help you increase your success in the long-iron game and put it all together.

    Long Putter Instructions

    Long putters eliminate extra hand and wrist movement to make it easier to roll the ball straight. The shaft of the club is extended between 8 to 12 inches longer than a standard putter. When the golfer bends over the club, his chest presses against the end of the shaft to create a pivot point, keeping the club on a straight line on both the backswing and the follow-through.

    Golf Chipping Instructions

    There's a saying in the golf world, "Drive for show and putt for dough." The meaning of the phrase is clear: While you can impress your friends and fellow players by bombing away off the tee, the truest measure of your success on the scorecard is your short game. A big part of your short game is chipping. A chip, besides putting, is perhaps the only shot on a course that you make without a significant break of the wrist. The objective of the shot is to get it as close to the hole as possible, sinking it if you're lucky--or really skilled.

    How to Select Golf Clubs for Beginners

    You have caught the golfing bug and you have decided to look for a set of golf clubs. So you head for your nearest pro shop or sporting goods store and you find that there are hundreds of sets from which to choose. Since you don't know whether your love of the game is the real thing or just a passing fancy, you should be cautious when you buy your first set of golf clubs. Here are a few things to think about as you make you first purchase.

    The Proper Stance for Holding a Golf Driver

    The driver may be the most important club in the bag--of 18 tee shots per round, the majority require a driver. Hitting long and straight drives will set up even the most challenging par 5s and help keep your score low. One important factor in driving the ball well is beginning with a good stance.

    Tips on Buying Ladies' Golf Clubs

    According the official rules of the PGA (Professional Golf Association), a golfer is limited to 14 clubs for a round of golf. This is actually good news, allowing the golfer to select the clubs that make up a standard set, with room for one more club of her choice. Before selecting those 14 clubs, the female golfer should understand her measurements, swing characteristics and experience to make an informed choice.

    How to Customize Women's Golf Clubs

    Choosing the right set of clubs, and tailoring them to the needs of the woman who will use them is easy. You can choose the clubs or a professional can help, depending on how customized you want them to be. Simple steps can be taken to find the best-fitting clubs, and further work can be put in by a pro to tailor those clubs to a woman's swing.

    Women in Golf

    In the late 1800s, golf was one of the few recreational sports that society found acceptable for women, although they were not welcome on the competitive circuits until many years later. Some female golfers during this time helped to shape the sport and make women equals on the golf course.

    Guide to Buying Used Golf Clubs for a Beginning Golfer

    If you think you're ready to start playing golf for the first time, but don't want to buy an expensive set of new clubs, consider buying used ones. There are plenty of online sites where you can find pre-owned clubs, and many brick-and-mortar retailers also offer used sets. If you know what you're looking for, you can find the right set of used clubs to fit your body type, ability and pocketbook.

    Long Putter Techniques

    In the past, long putters required a second take by people watching the PGA. And, while they are not always accepted by golf purists, they are an effective weapon on the green. After all, you drive for show, but you putt for dough. Any advantage is fair game, as long as it's legal. Handled with proper technique, long putters help eliminate the wrists from the putting stroke, allowing for square contact at impact and a more precise ball roll.

    How to Decide Which Golf Clubs to Buy

    Whether they are slicing, hooking, shanking or hacking, people tend to put more blame on their clubs than is due. Should you be one of those who likes to blame the tools and not the carpenter, or should you just be in need of a new set of clubs, there are certain things to look for when making your next club purchase. Understanding the basic guidelines for selecting new clubs will help you pick the set that's right for you and your game.

    How to Improve Golf Driver Distance

    If you are like many golfers, you want to achieve more distance with your driver. Once you are certain that you are using clubs that are fitted for you, concentrate on executing your swing correctly. If you have a slower swing speed, consider a driver with a flexible shaft and a larger clubface to provide a larger sweet spot. Practice on the driving range to groove your swing and create “muscle memory” to achieve a longer drive.

    Top-Rated Hybrid Golf Clubs

    More and more, hybrid golf clubs are replacing the traditional fairway woods for trouble shots and long approach shots. Hybrids came about as a way of replacing long irons, such as 1-irons and 2-irons. Technically they are called hybrids because they are a blending of the long iron and the fairway wood. The end result is a forgiving club that you can hit virtually anywhere for distance or use around the green for touch shots.

    Top Driver Shafts

    Golf clubs are purchased for various reasons, including looks, reputation and popularity. Far too often, however, important variables are not considered. One big one is shaft type. Drivers especially have benefited significantly by the technological improvements to golf club shafts in recent years.

    The History of Bulls Eye Putters

    Technology is a consistent buzz word in the golf equipment industry and has been for generations. But just a brief look at the history of golf and golf clubs reveals several clubs that have made an undeniable impact on the game through unique design, materials, popularity or tournament success. The famous Bulls Eye putter has made a mark on all four of these points.

    What Is the Loft Angle of Irons?

    Irons are designed for use on the fairway when golfers get closer to the green. The 4-iron, the longest iron used by many golfers, has a long shaft and a low loft of approximately 25 degrees. A typical man will hit a 4-iron 170 yards. Women’s clubs may have slightly more loft, and women will typically hit the ball shorter for each club. The important thing for accuracy on the golf course is to find out how long you can hit each iron. Players usually use the driver off the tee, and fairway woods or hybrids for longer fairway shots.

    Tips for New Drivers

    Every golf season, major manufacturers introduce full lines of drivers to the public, each designed to accentuate players' skills and hide their flaws. Some drivers are designed to help slower swingers get the ball in the air. Increasing carry distance is the surest way to improve overall distance, so club makers target players struggling with this problem. Other drivers, like many in the Titleist line, cater to faster swingers looking for a more penetrating ball flight. A lower, more piercing ball flight lets better players work the ball whichever direction they like more easily, and makes more challenging conditions a bit tamer.

    Tips and Ideas for a New Driver

    Many golfers consider the driver to be the most important club in their golf bag. They are usually also the most expensive. When the time comes to replace your old driver, take the time to do some research. You might consider attending a “Demo Day” at a local driving range or golf course, where you can get fitted by a professional and have the opportunity to try out drivers from different manufacturers. Make sure you like the look, feel and sound of the driver as you make impact with the ball in the sweet spot.

    Top Hybrid Golf Clubs

    Golf technology continues to evolve at a staggering pace. From driver designs with movable weight points to clubs that you can apply from 250 yards out all the way to the edge of the green, scoring low has never been so equipment-focused. The rise of the hybrid club has helped high and low handicap golfers alike, with a forgiving club that allows them to do a multitude of things, from hitting deep rough and long fairway shots to chipping around the green.

    How to Hit Long Irons in Golf

    Having a solid long-iron game can cut strokes off your score and make you a more competitive golfer. Too often, what happens when amateurs try to hit long irons is they let their wrists do the work, attempting to "scoop" the ball. Impact with a long iron should be made directly on the ball with the hands positioned in front of the ball, allowing the body rotation and the force of the club to do the work.

    Golf Instructions for Women

    The best way for women to learn golf is to learn from a pro. LPGA teaching professionals understand that some women who wish to learn golf may not have participated in sports previously, and may not be aware of concepts such as weight shift and ball trajectory. By learning the basics correctly from the beginning, women can avoid bad habits and get off to a good start on the golf course.

    Advice on Buying Golf Clubs

    Golf clubs are a purchase that many people rush into without conducting the proper research and testing before making their final decision. As with any sizable investment, the purchase of clubs should not be taken lightly. Most golfers do not purchase a set of golf clubs on a regular basis, thus a process should be followed from the outset to ensure that the golfer purchases the right set for the right price.

    How Do I Swing a Medicus Driver?

    The Medicus driver is a golf swing training tool that has a dual breakaway hinge located just above the club head. The driver was designed by Medicus Golf to teach beginner, intermediate and expert golfers how to consistently swing on tempo and on plane. The result is longer tee shots and the alleviation of slicing. Deviating from a consistent tempo of the golf swing or breaking the angle of the swing plane with a Medicus driver results in the hinge breaking on the club, making contact with the ball impossible.

    The Average Club Distance for Women in Golf

    While there are charts that list the average distance for each golf club for women, the numbers are only averages and don’t reflect how far individuals actually hit the ball. There are many factors that influence distance, including your physical characteristics and conditions on the course. Added to the mix is that not all golf clubs with the same number have comparable lofts, materials and construction. In the end, you need to figure out how far you personally can hit each club, so when it's time to pick one for a shot on the course, you can make the right choice.

    Difference Between Female & Male Drivers

    In the past, women's drivers were simply shortened versions of men's. Today, club manufacturers have a better understanding of the physical differences between the sexes and how they affect a golf swing. The success of the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) has also led to improved club design, as the pros have demanded the best possible equipment from their sponsors.

    How to Pick a Golf Driver

    Choosing a driver because it looks great is not the way to buy one if you want to play a better game of golf. In fact, nine out of 10 golfers play with drivers that do not have sufficient loft and their drivers are too long for their swings. Furthermore, just because some drivers cost a lot of money does not mean that you will instantly improve your game. Here are a few things to think about as you select your new driver.

    How to Select a Golf Club

    Club selection is one of most often overlooked elements of golf, with many amateur players underestimating the value of knowing just how long they hit every club, and how the conditions on the course can change those distances. Players that do not know how to choose the right club will find that their approach accuracy is quite low, as they are constantly hitting balls which, even if struck on the right line, travel too short or too long, leading to missed greens or very long first putts.

    Beginning Golf for Women

    Golf enthusiasts consider the game to be addictive. In addition to being loads of fun and good physical activity, the course is a common place for both social and business gatherings. Over the years, more and more women have come to appreciate the game. With some basic equipment, a few lessons and practice, you too can begin to enjoy this popular sport.

    How to Hit With Hybrid Irons

    Hybrid irons are a type of golf club that seeks to combine the best features of both a wood and an iron into a single club. The head of the club is deeper than a standard iron, but shallower than a standard wood, offering the player the benefit of the larger sweet spot that a wood provides while allowing the player to hit the club out of more challenging lies that would otherwise be reserved for an iron.

    Tips on Purchasing a Golf Driver

    The driver is the club capable of propelling the bar farthest down the golf course, making it a very important club to be able to hit consistently. An erratic driver can mean acquiring a great deal of penalty strokes for lost balls. Choosing the right driver is essential in gaining that consistency.

    How to Use a Lob Wedge

    Every golfer faces a position in which he has little turf to work with in order to get his ball onto the green. Or he has to chip his ball over a bunker with little landing area. The lob wedge is a perfect tool for these difficult shots. Its 60-degree loft is ideal for a 60-yard distance or less.

    Selecting Correct Flex Golf Clubs

    Golf club shafts have been a big focus of golf technology since the 1970s. Different shafts allow players of different skill levels, strengths and swing speeds to produce similar shots with their clubs. Selecting the correct flex on your golf club shaft is important to your on-course performance, affecting things such as how your ball flies, how far it flies and how much spin it has.

    Proper Golf Club Set Up Position

    Even a small adjustment to your golf swing can make an enormous difference in the trajectory of the ball. You need a good pre-shot routine, a full shoulder turn on the backswing and a complete follow-through. But it all begins with the proper setup, which will place your body and the club in the correct positions to execute a powerful swing.

    Vintage Golf Club Pricing Guide

    Having a collection of classic or antique golf clubs is not an unusual hobby. Developing a valuable collection, on the other hand, is a very different commitment. Like wine or antiques, classic and vintage golf clubs can appreciate in value over time. Not every club appreciates or appreciates in the same way, however. Era, historical significance, rarity and condition are just a few of the factors influencing price, and this influence can be significant.

    Tips for Choosing Golf Club Grips

    Without looking in your golf bag, identify the manufacturer of your grips and what style they are. Most likely, you can't answer those questions; most golfers can't, either. What you don't realize is that great strides have been made in golf grip technology, and you may be overlooking a way to easily improve your game. Great strides being made with grips that make your clubs easier on your hands while offering more feel with your shots.

    How to Use Mizuno Irons

    The physical activity of hitting a ball is no different with Mizuno irons than any other iron. In fact there is very little difference in any way other than the manufacturer's name and each iron model's characteristics. This article will take you through the entire process of using Mizuno irons, from the moment you take the club from your bag on the first hole to when you're cleaning them off on your way to enjoy a beer with the guys at the 19th.

    How Do I Buy Golf Clubs for Women?

    As golf courses become increasingly women-friendly around the world, more and more women continue to pick up the game and excel at the sport. This has prompted a large industry for women's golf clubs, and while these clubs are similar to men's clubs, there are differences that should be noted. You must know your capabilities or those of the female golfer that you are buying for before you set out to look for the right clubs.

    Compare TaylorMade Golf Clubs vs. Adams Golf Clubs

    TaylorMade and Adams are two of the leading names in golf equipment. Both produce highly respected clubs, trusted by weekend warriors and tour professionals alike. Adams focuses on creating club head speed throughout your bag to add distance. TaylorMade allows you to adjust the lie and loft of some of their clubs to better suit your game. The philosophies have produced some of the most popular clubs on the market.

    Heavyweight Putter Tips

    Heavyweight putters are nearly twice as heavy as regular putters and are available in most putter shapes, including blades and mallets. The idea behind the heavy putter is that it will help to solve the "yips" that many golfers develop on short putts. The heavy head promotes a cleaner pendulum stroke, making it easier to control distance and direction, particularly on short putts. Many heavyweight putters are made by Boccieri Golf, which debuted its "Heavy Putter" line in 2005.

    Proper Golf Alignment

    Golfers struggling to record low numbers on the course often look for a swing fix, but for some novices, the problem may lie in their alignment before beginning the shot. Finding the proper alignment can have as much impact as anything that happens during the swing. Before hitting the course, work on the range to find the proper alignment of feet, shoulders and grip for each kind of shot you may encounter during a round.

    Titanium Golf Clubs

    Titanium golf clubs have been used for several years, but came to be more popular in the early 1990s. Soon after they started being used by golfers, they rapidly grew in popularity thanks to the fact that they offered things other golf clubs couldn’t. This has allowed club makers to produce clubs with larger club heads without increasing the weight of the clubs.

    How to Choose Shafts for Golf Clubs

    Perhaps your golf game isn't what you had hoped it would be. Whether you're a low-handicap player or a beginner just trying to hit better shots, new shafts on your clubs can make a difference. Of course, new shafts won't cure all of your problems. But, having properly fitted shafts can increase range and help straighten out some of the errant shots you make.

    How to Be a Better Putter

    Casual golfers might neglect their short game, instead focusing on the sexier aspects of the game, such as taking out the driver and hitting for distance at the driving range. By taking the time to work on your putting game, you can cut valuable strokes off your round. Being able to control your first putts will put you in position for an easy two-putt and keep you from squandering a solid approach.

    Golf Tips for Hybrid Clubs

    Hybrid golf clubs are a mix between a wood and an iron and can be used for anything from a chip shot out of the bunker to a long approach from the fairway. Their versatility saves you money on equipment and cuts down on the number of clubs you have to carry in your golf bag. The club head is heavier than the head of a typical iron, which allows it to slide along the bunker instead of digging into the sand and cutting your swing short. Hybrid clubs are also helpful when your ball is stuck in the rough, because the large head does not get twisted by the high grass as it approaches the ball, which keeps your shot on target.

    Golf Tips for Chipping With Hybrid Clubs

    Since Todd Hamilton won the 2004 British Open Championship, hybrids have been the “in” club. Hamilton used his hybrid in place of his 3-wood, but it was his decision to chip with it that really gained attention in the golf community. Since then, chipping with a hybrid has become a popular option for all golfers. The techniques are easy to master and applicable to many different types of chip shots.

    How to Swing Hybrid Irons

    As the name suggests, hybrid golf clubs are clubs that combine the characteristics of woods and irons. Many golfers find hybrids easier to hit than long irons. Before adding a hybrid to your bag, practice with the club to determine whether it is for you. It's important that you know the right way to swing hybrid irons. Otherwise, you could find yourself driving the golf ball many yards farther than you intended.

    How Do I Compare Golf Clubs for Women?

    Newer technology in golf clubs makes the game more fun for women who may have a slower swing speed. Today's club designs are more forgiving of mishits, and allow even the high handicapper to achieve reasonable distance and accuracy on the course. When you compare golf clubs, try before you buy and make sure you like the look, feel and sound of the club.

    Golf Clubs for Women

    Women golfers, especially when they are beginners, should get fitted properly for their golf clubs. With technological advances, it is possible to buy clubs that allow you to get the ball up into the air while achieving distance and accuracy. The clubs in your bag should be a mixture of woods, irons and hybrids.

    How to Find the Right Golf Club Travel Bag

    Golfers tend to fall in love with the game. Many players will play three or more times a week during the spring and summer and will look for warm-weather golf destinations during the winter months. Taking a trip out of your area requires a golf travel bag that will meet airline specifications and protect your golf clubs and accessories.

    Guide to Playing Golf

    Golf is a game that anyone can play. No matter your age or physical ability, you can learn to play golf. It is not, however, a game you want to jump right into. You need to make sure you have a basic understanding of the game before you go and tee it up for the first time. Once you start learning the basics, you may become hooked for life.

    Making a Golf Putter

    The worst part of many people's golf game is putting. If that's your problem, you've probably bought umpteen putters with the hope that you'll finally find one that works for you. But, alas, they have all found their way into the closet, and you're still looking for the one that will help you reduce your score. Making your own putter may be the answer and it is really easy to do.

    Top Golf Iron Sets

    A reliable set of irons, one you are comfortable playing everywhere from the tee of a par-3 to the thick rough, is an invaluable part of a golfer's bag. Choosing the best irons to have on the course can make a big difference in your game, as a higher quality set will often be more forgiving of imperfect strokes.

    How Do I Choose the Correct Golf Clubs?

    As a beginning golfer, you are excited to get all the golf gear that you need to get out on the course and master the game. But don't let that initial enthusiasm force you into a poor investment. Golf equipment, especially a set of golf clubs, is something that you should ease into as you progress with your game. Read on for suggestions on how to make the right choices throughout your game development.

    How to Use the Long Putter

    A common problem for golfers is what is casually known as "the yips"--slight, unintentional jerks and twists of the wrists made during the course of a golf stroke. The yips can be most damaging to your putt strokes, but a style of putter called the long putter is designed to minimize the yips and keep your putts on track.

    Golf Tips When Using a Hybrid Club

    Blending the look and feel of a fairway woods and the functionality of irons, hybrid golf clubs have gained popularity over the past decade. But there are still plenty of golfers out there who don't know how to get the most out of their hybrid clubs on the course.

    Top Rated Fairway Woods

    Fairway woods are some of the most underutilized clubs in the bag. Not only can a good 3-wood provide you better control and shot-shaping opportunities off the tee, a top-notch 5-wood can help you achieve more distance on your long approach shots, including those taken from medium rough. Because these clubs can really accentuate your game, it's wise to not skimp when going out to purchase fairway woods.

    Wilson Golf Neoprene Iron Covers

    From the advent of steel shafts through the revolutionary development of the fat shaft and the evolution of the classic Staff irons, Wilson has developed some of the best and most reliable golf equipment in the game. Under their accessories umbrella, the neoprene iron cover is a great protective device, particularly for travel.

    How to Use a Pitching Wedge

    A pitching wedge is one of the more versatile clubs in your golf bag because it can hit high shots that can drop on the green with a little backspin or lower chip shots when you need to punch the ball onto the green and let it roll close to the hole. Mastering the various uses of your pitching wedge takes time and practice, but once your short game improves, your scores will drop significantly.

    What Are the Parts of a Golf Club?

    The right clubs can make the difference between a good round of golf and a disappointing one. Although the basic parts of a golf club are the same, numerous variations in size, materials, flexibility and weight will affect your game. Size is the most important factor to consider when purchasing new or used golf clubs as it can be uncomfortable or even harmful to use clubs that do not fit.

    The History of Ping Putters

    In 1959, a man working in his California garage changed the face of the golf industry. Karsten Solheim, then an engineer with GE, designed and built a putter based on a new idea--heel-toe weighting. The popularity of this putter led to a new company called Ping Golf and allowed Solheim to develop several other revolutionary ideas in golf design that have become nearly universal in the industry today.

    How to Choose the Best-Sized Golf Clubs for Beginners

    Purchasing your first set of golf clubs can be a big moment for any golfer. If you've rented clubs or borrowed a set from a friend before, you shouldn't simply buy the same size of clubs. Owning the best-sized golf clubs for you will help you remain comfortable on the course. Playing with clubs that are too large or too small for you, however, could harm both your long and short golf game and even cause an injury.

    How to Select the Right Golf Hybrid

    It used to be easy to decide on what golf clubs to buy because there were so few types from which to choose. Then, almost overnight, hybrid golf clubs became the rage among golfers everywhere, so club manufacturers began selling a full range of them to this audience looking for ways to lower their scores. Hybrid golf clubs, a cross between an iron and a wood, were originally chosen to replace the long irons and are infinitely easier to hit than a 2 or 3 iron. So the dilemma facing most golfers is how to choose the right one. Here's how to approach it.

    Choosing the Right Golf Club Grip

    Learning how to hold a golf club the right way is vital for anyone learning to play. There are three accepted grips that are taught to golfers and they are all correct. It's up to the golfer to figure out which one is the most comfortable and which one provides the best results. Some golfers will try all three grips and go through a trial-and-error process, but most learn rather quickly which grip they will use.

    Golf Tips With the Driver

    When you drive the ball, there are some tips you should keep in mind to achieve the distance and accuracy you want in a tee shot. Take your time before hitting the ball, and execute a smooth golf swing, remembering to follow through. Drivers have different characteristics, so be sure you are using the one that will give you the best results.

    Deciding on Callaway Golf Clubs

    The Callaway Golf Company is known for making some of the best field-tested clubs that are commonly used by PGA Tour golfers. The drivers that Callaway offers use advanced technology that can aid a player depending on his needs. Some of their drivers are designed to be forgiving for straighter shots, while others speed the ball across the clubface for increased distance.

    How to Compare Best Golf Clubs for Women

    There's an almost endless number of options when choosing the right golf clubs for women. Much of the decision rests with the strengths and weaknesses of her game, and whether she feels comfortable hitting one club versus another. For instance, she may hit a hybrid club more consistently than a long iron. Or she may not have the skills to use a lob wedge, and she therefore opts for a more conventional shot.

    Ladies Golf Clubs by Top-Flite

    The Top-Flite brand (not Top Flight) offers two sets of clubs for women. The XL Rec Set is offered in women's, men's and juniors styles. The Top-Flite XL's women's set offers 11 clubs for the more advanced golfer. Among the sets' features, the Top-Flite metal irons are heavier than graphite clubs, which result in better control but less club speed.

    How to Make a Golf Putter

    If you're like most golfers, when you continually miss those three-footers, you always blame the putter, not you. Eventually, you buy a new one, only to realize it's not the putter that's the problem, it's you. Rather than invest in one more putter, you should make one that's perfect for you. It's quite easy to do, and may finally be the answer to your prayers.

    How to Refinish a Putter

    Believe it or not, many golfers have a closet full of putters, cast-offs in their search to find the perfect club that will dramatically reduce their scores. All along, of course, it's not those putters but a case of the yips or a fatal flaw in their strokes that make them miss those two- and three-footers. Occasionally, they'll go into those closets and retrieve a putter they haven't used in a while, only to discover it needs to be refinished before it can be used. Here's how it's done.

    How Many Covers Do You Need for Golf Clubs?

    United States Golf Association rules allow for as many as 14 clubs in your golf bag. Fewer clubs are permitted. Head covers are not required, and most avid golfers use covers only for their driver, fairway woods, hybrid clubs and putter. However, there are also special covers for irons and a large variety of styles for all golf clubs.

    How to Get More Distance From Your Driver

    Professional and amateur golfers alike strive to get extra distance from their drivers. Getting extra distance with your driver off of the tee will put you in a better position to reach the greens of par five holes in two shots or let you use your wedge rather than irons to approach par fours. There are a variety of changes you can make to your swing to allow for a longer swing and a better chance at adding distance to your shot.

    How to Buy Golf Club Grips

    When replacing the grips on your golf clubs, you have more choices than simply finding grips that match what you already have. Among your options are midsize, oversize, undersize, and full-cord and half-cord grips. Other types include putter grips and training grips. Players should replace their grips when they become worn and slippery, but can also change grips to suit their preference for size and comfort.

    Tips to Refinish Golf Clubs Yourself

    Refinishing golf clubs is a fairly simple process that will give you an opportunity to try new things with old clubs. Whether you want a new look on your putter head or a different flex on your shaft, refinishing clubs at home is a great way to try out new technology. Refinishing clubs is a do-it-yourself project and should be approached with ample time and proper materials. If you will be refinishing multiple clubs, the process might take several days--clubs need to dry for about 12 hours at different stages of the process.

    How to Adjust Hybrid Golf Clubs

    Hybrid golf clubs allow for very accurate long shots from the rough, often exceeding the performance of traditional long irons. However, the best hybrid club in the world won’t help you if you can’t adjust the club to fit your personal golfing preferences. Hybrid clubs are a newer type of club, patented in 2003 and made widely available shortly after that. Because these clubs are newer, many golfers purchase adjustable hybrid clubs without knowing how to properly adjust them. Luckily, adjustment is easy with a simple tool and some basic know-how.

    What Are Clone Golf Clubs?

    Clone golf clubs typically copy some of the design features and materials of brand name golf clubs such as Callaway, Ping, Cobra, Titliest and TaylorMade. Legitimate clone companies make it clear that the consumer is buying cloned clubs. These manufacturers may offer performance features of branded clubs at more affordable prices.

    Great Places to Find Discount Golf Clubs

    Buying a new set of clubs, or even just replacing an iron or driver, can be a challenge. Prices for a single club range from less than a $100 to close to $1,000 for the latest and greatest driver. Several manufacturers including Titliest, Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping and Cobra are among the most popular with golfers today, according to There are also the second-tier manufacturers, clones and custom clubs to select from. Get the clubs you want at a discount.

    How to Choose Golf Clubs for Kids

    Ill-fitting golf clubs can ruin an otherwise pleasant afternoon on the links or at the driving range, even if you're a child. In fact, this may be especially true for children, because adult golf clubs can often be too long, heavy and rigid for golfing youths. There are several collections of clubs designed for younger players, but there are also several sizes, weights, brands and prices to choose from. Choosing the right youth clubs is an involved process, but shopping thoroughly can make a big difference in your child's golfing enjoyment.

    How Do I Use a Golf Gap Wedge?

    For golfers, the term "gap wedge" may sound mysterious. But the name comes from the purpose of the club--filling the gap between a traditional pitching wedge and a sand wedge. A pitching wedge tends to have a loft of 47 or 48 degrees, a sand wedge 56 degrees. With conventional hitters, you'll find approximately 25 to 30 yards of distance between the two clubs. The gap wedge, at 51 to 52 degrees loft, was built to bridge that gap.

    Golf Tips for Women

    Choosing the right golf clubs is a very important part of a woman’s golf game. Make sure your clubs are the right size and specifications for your swing speed and measurements. Learn the basics from a pro, and then practice grooving your swing so that when you get out on the golf course, the only thing left to do is hit the ball and have a good time.

    Protecting Golf Clubs During Travel

    Traveling frequently, whether on business or vacation, gives you the opportunity to check out different golf courses and country clubs throughout the world. Taking your clubs and equipment with you on your business or holiday trips requires a little extra care to make sure they don't get damaged during transport. Protecting your golf clubs during travel proves easy when proper care and attention to detail is taken.

    Golf Chip & Spin Tips

    Learning to master your wedges is a great way to cut valuable strokes off your score. Hitting a chip shot, and using back spin to stop the ball on a dime, or even cause the ball to spin back toward you, opens up access to even the most tightly placed hole position.

    Tips on Golf Irons

    The game of golf can be incredibly challenging. Even for professionals who have been playing their entire life, getting up and down consistently can be elusive. That's why having the right irons for your game can make a big difference in how much you enjoy playing and how good the scorecard looks when you wrap things up at the 19th hole. There are some basics to consider when seeking out those prized irons for your game.

    How Far Should Each Golf Club Hit?

    Golf clubs are designed to hit the golf ball different distances when struck correctly. Woods will drive the ball further than irons and the low numbered irons will hit a golf ball further than the high ones. The wedges are made so that when hit properly they send the ball high but not far. Knowing the distances that each club can go when you hit it is vital to knowing which club to select for a specific shot. It is important to realize how far you yourself can hit each club; don’t compare your abilities to those of the greatest players in the world. You may be disappointed not to hit the ball with each club as far as they can.

    How to Restore Ping Golf Irons

    Despite golf company claims they can reinvent the wheel, more than likely the 14 clubs in your bag now are not the cause of your problems. Great clubs today will last years with proper measures taken to ensure quality and durability. Regular cleanings and an eye for catching nicks and scratches early can keep your clubs in good shape, but if you've fallen behind in your maintenance, a full refurbishment might be necessary.

    What Length for a Belly Putter?

    Belly putters are a style of putter in which the putter is extended beyond the hands that are holding the putter, so that the end of the putter nestles in against the belly of the golfer using the putter. As with all designs, belly putters will work for some players while others will prefer different styles, with trial the best way of finding the best fit.

    What Are the Names of the Parts of a Golf Club?

    The sport of golf has been around since the 1400s. What started out as the simple use of a single piece of wood has evolved to involve technologies like graphite, steel and titanium. The modern club has changed significantly over time, but there are certain facets of the club, namely the head, shaft and grip, that remain fairly consistent year after year.

    How Do I Buy a Golf Club Driver?

    Before you buy a driver, take a few out on the driving range to see how you do with them. The one you choose should inspire confidence, and you should like the look and feel of it, as well as the sound it makes when you strike the ball. Before making your selection, check out features of today’s drivers to make sure they are suitable for your golf game.

    Comparing Women's Golf Clubs

    Women's golf clubs, often called ladies' clubs, are lighter and shorter than the sets made for men. But not all sets are suitable, and a good set can make a tremendous difference in your game. Identify the features that are key to a good game for you before buying your set.

    Tips on Buying Golf Clubs

    Having money to burn is not a good reason to pay a lot of it for your golf clubs. Besides, a set costing an arm and a leg isn't necessarily going to turn you into the next Tiger Woods. Because there are hundreds of sets from which to choose, you need to consider a number of factors before you buy. Here are some of the things you should think about.

    Information on Nike Irons

    Since entering the golf game, Nike has become synonymous with sleek, marketable products that fly off shelves, thanks, in part, to the company's partnership with the world's top golfer, Tiger Woods. Among Nike's many golf-related products--drivers, shoes and accessories--is a line of irons.

    Can Pregnant Women Play Golf?

    Catriona Matthew won the 2009 HSBC LPGA Brasil Cup while five months pregnant. Myra Blackwelder played in the 1987 Kraft Nabisco--a major championship--when she was nearly seven months pregnant, tying for 33rd. And with her due date just five weeks away, Blackwelder finished 16th in an LPGA event in Florida. Nancy Lopez, Juli Inkster, Laura Diaz and Hee-Won Han all played LPGA events while pregnant. For women who played golf before they got pregnant--and not just tour players--continuing to play is just par for the course.

    Top Golf Companies

    There are virtually hundreds of golf manufacturers in the market today. Everything from small, mom-and-pop custom club fitters to large international conglomerates that cross over sporting goods boundaries. Golf is such an old game that companies that were once titans of the industry no longer have any bearing on the game. Several companies rise to the top when you think about the most successful golf-related companies in the world.

    Proper Selection of a Driver for Golf

    Today’s drivers are longer and more forgiving than ever. That’s good news for golfers in the market for a new driver. When you are ready to make a purchase, do some research and try out several drivers to see which one works best for you. In general, a driver with a large club face, flexible shaft and higher loft will help high handicappers launch the ball into the air. Less flexible shafts are designed for more accuracy, but they are harder to hit.

    How to Get More Distance From Irons

    Hitting long, straight irons is one of the keys to a better golf game. So what do you do when your distance is falling short? It could be that you've never had the type of impact on the ball to make the ball go as far as those your playing with. This can be a symptom of body rotation or club head speed. There are drills you can do to increase your body rotation and your club head speed, generating more power behind your swing and allowing you to hit longer irons.

    Deciding Which Golf Club to Use

    How many times have you hit a golf shot and thought it would end up next to the pin, only to see it land in the sand, 20 feet short of your target? It happens to every golfer at some point. It's all about picking the right club, which is not as easy as it seems. There are several factors that go into making the best choice.

    How Do I Cure Golf Chipping Yips?

    Golfers hate when they hit a good drive and second shot only to find themselves chipping three or four times around the green. Even worse is when the golfer is inflected with yips, where the golfer feels the mechanics of the swing are correct only to have the shot sculled or duffed at the end. But working through the mental aspect of the yips can rid golfers of them forever.

    How to Hit a Hybrid Pitching Wedge

    Hybrid golf clubs have been a boon to golfers of all levels, but particularly for medium- and high-handicap players. Hybrid clubs are, as the name suggests, a hybrid of the woods and irons, but with a very low center of gravity that makes it easy to hit the ball high in the air. Although most hybrids replace the long irons, you can find hybrid versions of all irons, including the pitching wedge. The key to hitting the hybrid pitching wedge is to let the club do the work.

    Ping Golf Clubs History

    Ping started off in 1959 as a one-man operation making putters in a garage. Today, it is one of the most recognized names in golf equipment, with a product line that includes clubs, clothing, gloves and bags. Ping innovations like perimeter weighting, heat-treated clubheads and color coding of lie and loft are now considered the standard and used by manufacturers throughout the golf industry.

    Best Golf Clubs for Women

    Women tend to hit the golf ball a shorter distance than do men. That's because women tend to have a slower swing speed. But some equipment changes can help women hit the ball longer. Before you buy your next set of golf clubs, find out what options are available, and how they can assist you with your game.

    How Do I Use a Chipper Club In Golf?

    When you hit a shot and it winds up in the rough or short grass a few feet off the green, there is one club that might help you save a few strokes. The chipper is a wedge-shaped club with a short shaft and angled face that sends the ball on an upward trajectory when struck with a putting stroke. If used properly, a chipper improves your game and lowers your score by getting it onto the green and close to the hole with one shot. Master this club to save precious strokes from a really tight spot.

    Golf Tips on Iron Play

    Golfers love to swing hard with their driver and go for maximum distance, but the irons require finesse. With shorter shafts than the woods, the irons are easier to single and can produce more accurate results if used correctly.

    What to Know When Purchasing a Golf Driver

    In recent years, golf club manufacturers have worked hard to lure golfers to spend hundreds of dollars to pursue their dream of hitting the ball long and straight with a driver. But most golfers don't realize it is the attributes of a particular driver that lead to good results, not the fact it's the latest one available.

    How to Reshaft a Golf Driver

    If your favorite old driver seems to have run out of quality hits, you might want to refresh it by adding a new shaft to the club. A new shaft can put the wallop back in your trusty driver and have it hitting like a brand-new club. One of the nice things about replacing a driver shaft is that there is generally no tip trimming involved.

    Left-Handed Golf Clubs for Women

    They say only 10 to 15 percent of the population is left handed. Among golfers, it is even a smaller percentage. Among female golfers, that number is reduced even more. So where are left-handed women supposed to find golf clubs that fit them? If you are a woman golfer who plays from the left side of the ball, there are three very important things to remember when shopping for new clubs.

    Ping Putters History

    Golfing is not just about skills, it is about using the best equipment. This is why hundreds of golfers have relied on Ping Golf Co.’s line of clubs that all started with a putter over 50 years ago. Their innovative clubs have become an integral part of golf and are associated with some of the biggest wins in PGA golf history. Their long history shows why the club is successful and how it has developed throughout the years.

    Long Putter Tips

    Long putters and belly putters are two popular variations on the standard putter designed to give golfers added stability on their shots. Both clubs use a longer than normal shaft that rests against the body to provide a leverage point. Belly putters are used with a golfer's regular putting stance, while long putters require a bent-over stance to anchor the end of the club against the sternum.

    How Do I Become a Better Putter?

    The putting game is often neglected by some beginning golfers, who prefer to spend their time on the range with the more eye-pleasing elements of the game, such as the driver. No club in the bag is used on more strokes than the putter, however, and working on your putting form until you are comfortable with the club from all distances can prove vital on the course. The key to mastering the putter is practicing proper form on the putting green, until your stroke is second nature.

    History of Yonex Golf Clubs

    Yonex began as the Yoneyama Co., a manufacturer of wooden floats for fishing nets. The company succeeded for a time, but as plastics became the more durable, lower-cost choice in the business, Yoneyama transitioned into making other wooden items such as badminton and tennis rackets. It wasn't until 1989 that golf appeared on the company's radar. Their first clubs were wooden until technology took over again and composite graphite became the company's niche for golf drivers and fairway woods.

    How to Choose the Best Junior Golf Clubs

    If you're a golf enthusiast, you may yearn to take your kids out on the course with you. As the kids get older, it can make a terrific family day. But with all the gear out there, it can be hard to narrow down the choices to determine what's the best set of clubs for your junior golfers.

    Proper Golf Stance When Using a Driver

    Playing a golf hole successfully starts with a well-executed tee shot. But ensuring success off the tee isn’t as simple as hitting a 300-yard drive in the fairway. It starts with a fundamentally-sound alignment, grip and stance. When playing a dogleg, a golfer may have to play a slight draw or fade shot, which makes understanding the proper stance critical to hitting a driver successfully.

    How to Use a Golf Gap Wedge

    How did the gap wedge get its name? Very simply, it is a club that will go further than your sand wedge, but will result in a shorter shot hit with your pitching wedge. Thus, it fills the gap between the two clubs. If you know the lofts of your pitching and sand wedges, you should purchase a gap wedge that is has a loft in between. Gap wedges range from 50 to 54 degrees, while most pitching wedges made since 1990 have a loft of about 46 degrees. As a general rule, men can hit a gap wedge about 100 yards, and women about 15 yards less. Here are some ways that you can practice using your new iron and add to your repertoire.

    Which Golf Driver Hits the Longest?

    When it comes to selecting a golf driver, the pertinent question is how to determine the driver you can hit for the longest distance. Professional golfers hit a driver 300 yards or more, but in a less experienced player’s hands the same driver probably will not produce those results. The wide range of drivers available include ever-improving technology and an array of materials and features. The key to choosing the longest driver is is to know your strengths and limitations, and base your selection on the driver that best suits those factors.

    Plumb Bobbing on Golf Greens

    Plumb bobbing is a technique some golfers use to line up putts by using a putter as a plumb bob to create a vertical line they can use to compare the slope of the green. Plumb bobbing is a way to get a general feel for the overall movement of the green, not a way to line up putts. Unfortunately, most resources on plumb bobbing demonstrate a faulty understanding, instructing golfers to line up putts based on data that are physically anachronistic.

    Types of Golf Club Grips

    While every golfer will develop his on unique grip, there are three very common ways to grip a golf club, according to Selecting the grip that is most comfortable is paramount to making a good swing. Each of the most common grips is based on the same principle--the golfer should lightly grip the club, but feel as though he has good control of the club.

    Top of the Line Golf Putters

    The putter is the smallest club in a set of golf clubs, yet is the club with which the most strokes are taken. The art of designing and manufacturing putters has been mastered by a number of companies that produce high-quality, top-of-the-line putters. A high-quality putter is usually made of finely milled metals and usually is either aesthetically pleasing or has a eccentric, yet functional design.

    The Rules on Groove Types on Golf Clubs

    Grooves on golf club faces are there primarily to impart spin to the ball. They also channel water and foreign material away from the clubface, especially for shots from heavy rough. The larger grooves on some irons allow players to be less concerned about the rough, making driving accuracy less important. For this reason the USGA implemented a set of rules changes in 2010 that tightened the limits on groove dimensions.

    Why Is Titanium Used in Golf Clubs?

    The days of woods that are actually made of wood, as well as flimsy metal shafts are long gone. Rather, today's golf clubs tend to rely on more top-flight components, including titanium. Of course, titanium is used in golf clubs for myriad reasons, most notably its array of advantages on the golf course.

    How Do I Swing Hybrid Irons?

    The two through five iron have generally proved to be difficult clubs for the amateur to strike consistently well, but merely switching to a wood of a similar distance has not proved a sufficient replacement. Hybrid golf clubs look like a wood but are designed to be swung similar to an iron and offer a greater forgiveness than the traditional iron or fairway wood of similar loft.