How to Clean a Golf Club Grip

by Andrew Smith
    Cleaning your grip will extend its lifetime and make it more comfortable while on your club.

    Cleaning your grip will extend its lifetime and make it more comfortable while on your club.

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    A well-maintained golf club grip can help ensure that you swing your clubs properly. After a round of golf, the grips on your golf clubs can be affected by grass stains, dirt, sand and sweat. Cleaning your golf club grips after you play will keep the grips in good condition. It's important that you use safe equipment when attempting to clean the golf club grips. Otherwise, the grips may get damaged or even ruined.

    Items you will need

    • Degreaser liquid dish soap
    • Warm water
    • 2 dish cloths
    • Sink/bucket

    Step 1

    Fill the sink or bucket you are using with warm water. The water shouldn't be too hot, though, as you will be placing your hands in that water.

    Step 2

    Place about two teaspoons of the soap into the water. You can eyeball this measurement if you prefer.

    Step 3

    Dip one of the dish cloths into the soapy water. Be sure to wring the cloth out before touching the golf club grip with the cloth.

    Step 4

    Wrap the cloth around the grip of the golf club. Make sure that the cloth is around the entire grip of the club.

    Step 5

    Wipe up and down the golf club grip to ensure that you have cleaned the entire grip. You may wish to repeat steps 3-5 once more if your golf club grip is very dirty.

    Step 6

    Use the second cloth to dry the golf club grip. Wrap this clean, dry cloth around the grip and wipe up and down the grip to ensure that you have thoroughly dried the grip.


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