How to Determine How Far You Can Hit a Golf Ball

by J.D. Chi
    Determine how far you can hit each of your clubs during an afternoon at a driving range.

    Determine how far you can hit each of your clubs during an afternoon at a driving range.

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    Serious golfers or those who want to improve their games should determine how far they can hit each club in their bag. Figuring out distance is an easy but time-consuming process. For new golfers, this should be done once every six months as distances will change with practice. Learning how far you can hit a golf club will give you more confidence in club selection on the golf course. Distance calculators are available at many golf shops, but average distance can be determined using simple math.

    Items you will need

    • Well-marked driving range
    • Golf clubs
    • Balls
    • Pen or pencil
    • Paper

    Step 1

    Locate a well-marked driving range, preferably with a grass hitting area. Markers should be no more than 50 yards apart for best results.

    Step 2

    Select the club you hit most consistently. For many players, this is a 7-iron. Hit 10 balls with this club and after each hit, write down the approximate distance. If you mishit a ball, do not count it toward the 10 distances you will add up.

    Step 3

    Add up the 10 distances and divide by 10 to get your average distance.

    Step 4

    Repeat this process with each club in your bag. When complete, create a chart that you can carry in your bag with distances for each club.


    • If possible, find a driving range that has markers every 25 yards.
    • Use a range finder to confirm that targets are at the proper distance.


    • Do this project well before dusk to make sure you can see where balls land.
    • Use your own clubs.

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