Gifts for Lady Golfers

by Sharon Penn
    A relaxing day at the spa is a great gift after a long round of golf on a warm summer day.

    A relaxing day at the spa is a great gift after a long round of golf on a warm summer day.

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    Golfers always appreciate gifts that make their golf game more fun and convenient. Women golfers have a wide array of choices. Technological advances allow golfers to follow their golfing statistics like a pro and hit the long fairway shot with ease. Accessories like flower head covers and magnetic cap clips are entertaining yet practical on the golf course.

    GPS for Your Phone

    With a GPS for your smartphone, you can learn the distance to hazards and the front, back and center or greens for thousands of golf courses around the world. In addition, the system allows you to track your scores and other statistics on your phone. With this device you will know how many greens you hit in regulation, fairways hit from the tee, and distances of each club can be stored online with access from your phone.An average GPS system is around $150 to $200 as of February 2013.

    Golf Clubs

    Golfers know that the technology for golf clubs is always changing. For the woman golfer who has been in the game for a while and is still using those long 3- and 4-irons, the gift of a hybrid or two can make the game more fun. Many golfers are replacing difficult long irons with 4, 5 or 6 hybrids. Some newer iron sets now include an array such as the 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid and the 6-iron to the sand wedge. Prices for hybrids range from below $100 to around $200 as of February 2013.

    Whimsical Head Covers

    Players often use a touch of whimsy to lighten things up on the golf course, and head covers can add to the fun. For a gift for a lady golfer, flower head covers make clubs look like a colorful bouquet. Other choices are animals, puppets and characters. Golfers who have recently replaced old clubs with newer, larger club head sizes may be in need of larger protective head covers. The head covers range from below $10 each to around $25 each as of February 2013.

    Magnetic Clip Cap

    One convenient golf accessory innovation is the magnetic cap clip. It clips onto your golf hat, and features a magnetic golf marker in a design that is recognizable as yours on the green. It may also be clipped to a shoe, glove or golf bag. The cap clip is under $15 as of February 2013.

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