How to Hit a Long Drive in Golf

by Matt Crownover
    The best way to begin a long hole is to become more comfortable with hitting your longest weapon, the driver.

    The best way to begin a long hole is to become more comfortable with hitting your longest weapon, the driver.

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    By hitting long drives, golfers can considerably shorten the longer holes on a course and increase their chances of posting a good score. Most professionals can consistently hit their tee shots about 300 yards, and many can hit it even farther. You need patience and concentration to hit it far down the fairway. To get that extra yardage, learn to tee the ball properly and get as much club head speed as possible.

    Items you will need

    • Golf clubs
    • Golf tees
    • Golf glove (optional)

    Step 1

    Use a driver. The driver is designed to hit the ball as far as possible. If you're not comfortable with the driver, head to the practice range and get comfortable. The longest hitters use drivers, not 3-woods or 5-woods.

    Step 2

    Tee the ball so that at address, the top edge of the driver face meets the ball at its midpoint. Make sure you have a long enough tee to do the job as drivers get bigger and better.

    Step 3

    Address the ball with a wide, balanced stance to have complete control of the club and where you're swinging it and hit the ball consistent on the sweet spot.

    Step 4

    Try a glove. Golf gloves give most players a better grip, but not all players use gloves. Experiment with it both ways to get a feel of which way you want to go.

    Step 5

    Make your backswing with your left arm stiff (for right-handers) as you transfer your weight to your right leg. Move your weight back to the left as you begin your downswing. Keep your eye on the ball the entire time.

    Step 6

    Play for a straight shot by making sure your stance is completely balanced and square. If you are not balanced, try widening your stance. A little hook or draw can actually add distance to your drives, but most players are better off hitting it straight.


    • Practice as often as possible. As with anything, the more you practice, the better you'll become at hitting the ball far.
    • A good way to make sure you hit it straight is to shorten your backswing to 75 percent of normal. This will give you more control of the club and ensure that you are hitting the ball on the sweet spot. When you feel comfortable hitting it straight, extend your backswing back to where it was before to get the extra power, yet continue to hit the ball pure.


    • If you are hitting the ground with the club, you're losing club head speed and distance. Make necessary adjustments so that you're not hitting the ground.

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