How to Turn Your Hips in Your Golf Down Swing

by George N. Root III

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    You get most of the power associated with your golf swing by the proper turning of your hips. Your hips, in conjunction with the arc of your swing, help to put all of the power you can into your shot. In order to get the results you want with your golf game, you must learn how to properly turn your hips into your shot. Many hip-swinging exercises involve elaborate equipment that can take a while to set up and does not allow for a very comfortable swing. This method of learning to turn your hips is simple, and all it takes is practice to get it right.

    Using Your Hips in Your Golf Swing

    Items you will need

    • Two golf clubs

    Step 1

    Your hips need to move in line with your arms and legs in order to create the right momentum in your golf swing. If your hips get through the ball before your arms do, you will be missing out on a good portion of the power in your swing, and you will lose accuracy as well. Place a golf club on the ground and bring your feet in a straight line with the club. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart and your stance is comfortable.

    Step 2

    Take the second club and, with a hand on each end of the club, place the club against your waist parallel to the ground. The club in your hands should be running the same direction as the club on the ground. It is important to have your hands at each end of the club in order to perform this exercise properly.

    Step 3

    Turn your hips. You are not executing any golf swing here, just trying to line things up and get used to how this exercise works. With your hands at both ends of the club pressed against your waist, your arms and shoulders cannot help but move in concert with your hips. Much of the golf swing is feel. It has to feel right to be right. Take some time to move your hips back and forth with the club pressed against your waist and get used to the feeling of your shoulders moving together with your hips. If you do this every day, you will soon be able to determine when your hips and shoulders are moving together and when they are not.

    Step 4

    Keep the club pressed against your waist and flex your knees as if you were going to get into your stance. Now move your hips back and forth again, this time paying attention to your knees. Your knees cannot help but move with your hips and shoulders when you have that club in your hands and pressed against your waist. Take some time to watch your hips move in concert with your knees, and get used to how it feels to have your hips, knees and shoulders all moving together.

    Step 5

    To appreciate how important the hips are to a good golf swing, keep your knees flexed and remove the club that is pressed against your waist. Now try to move your knees, hips and shoulders together. You may notice that it is more difficult to do the exercise properly when the club is removed. Keep practicing this every day for at least 30 minutes at a time until you develop the feel of your hips, knees and shoulders moving together.


    • Your hips are critical to your overall swing. Work on making the hips the center of your downswing with this exercise and your swing will improve.


    • You should use this exercise at least once a week even after you feel that you have your hips moving together with your shoulders and knees.

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